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Non Lego parts

Our thoughts on Custom and Non Lego parts:

        First, I like to agree that most non Lego parts are not up to our standards. But I have to stand up for the 10% of the non Lego parts that are pretty great ! Lego has had some fantastic parts for the most parts and then there are some problems we run into. For example, the biggest problem we run across is the color purple in Lego figure parts.  We have noticed that the colors change and does not match up. The torso and Legs are different shade of purple and yes they both have the words Lego stamped on them. And the second biggest problem we run across is how when you mix and match the arms, we come across a lot of loose arms. For example we took some olive arms off the goblin mini series and put them on black torso and found over half of them was too loose of a fit. So in order for us to produce a custom figure up to our standards, we will now pick and choose from both worlds of parts, Lego and non Lego parts. Our standards are above average so, you can be assured that our product will be great. Please be sure to do your research before forming your own opinion. Remember, most Harley Quinn custom's out there has non Lego hair on them, and you all seem to have accepted that, not to mention all the non Lego parts such as Helmets, capes and weapons has mostly been custom parts. Let me tell you it's very hard to find Yellow Lego Hips in large amounts. Or even plain dark pink Lego Legs. So please be open minded, just this year the Lego show's has opened up their shows to allow non Lego custom figures. Times are changing and people's requests are growing. Thanks for all your support and expect us to stick to our high standards of custom inspired parts and figures.